The Consolidation or 2-8-0 type was a workhorse of the New York Central's branch line and industrial trackage, and in 1940 the system still rostered 300 of these locomotives. No. 1162, shown here in East Alton, Illinois, was originally No. 6862 of the New York Central's subsidiary Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis (the "Big Four"). These locomotives in class G-46h were built by Alco in 1912. They had 25x30-inch cylinders, a driver diameter of 57 inches, and a boiler pressure of 180 p.s.i. With a locomotive weight of 253,000 pounds, they exerted a tractive effort of 50,300 pounds. For other dimensions see the commentary for No. 1198 of class G-46L. This engine was retired and cut up in 1951. Photographer and date are unknown.