The Consolidation or 2-8-0 type was a workhorse of the New York Central's branch line and industrial trackage, and in 1940 the system still rostered 300 of these locomotives. No. 1153 of class G-46h was originally No. 6853 of the New York Central's component Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis (the "Big Four"). Specifications for these engines are given for No. 1162 and 1198 following. No. 1153 appears here at East Alton, Illinois on September 1, 1949 in a photo by Robert P. Morris of Brooklyn, New York, purchased through eBay. These Consolidations had a conical coal bunker and what appears to be a spark arrester that could be placed over the top of the stack. No. 1153 was dropped from the roster and scrapped in 1952.