The Boston & Albany's first group of Hudson-type locomotives, the five members of class J-2a, came from American Locomotive Company's Schenectady plant in 1929. The J-2s resembled the New York Central's J-1 class, with the same 25x28-inch cylinder dimensions, but had smaller 75-inch drivers and carried a higher 240-pound boiler pressure. For other dimensions consult the commentary for No. 617 following. With dieselization of the B&A the J-2 Hudsons were transferred to suburban service in the New York City area and renumbered in sequence after the system's J-3 class (see the photos of Nos. 5469 and 5474, above). No. 600 is shown here at Springfield, Massachusetts, in a 1939 photo by an unnamed photographer. In 1951 she was renumbered to NYC 5455, but was retired and sent to the torch in 1952. Carl Weber provided the image for our NYC Collection.