B&A 2-8-4 No. 1439 appears here in an image from the collection of Carl Weber. Location and cameraman are not specified, but the photo dates from the mid-1930s before the original eight-wheel tenders of these class A-1b Berkshires had been supplanted by twelve-wheel tenders salvaged from other locomotives. The array of external piping, squared sand dome, and prominent Elesco feedwater heater contribute to the impression of brute power conveyed by the earlier B&A Berkshire classes — power that was, indeed, the rationale for their design and construction as maulers of the heavy grades over their namesake mountain range. No. 1439 apparently remained on the B&A roster through her entire service life, and was not one of the Berkshires transferred to other parts of the NYC System during and after World War II. She was removed from the roster and scrapped in 1949.