Berkshire No. 1435 blasts out of Stateline Tunnel in its namesake mountain range in 1930, in a photo from the collection of Carl Weber. The view is attributed to famed B&A engineer and photographer H. W. Pontin. This locomotive belonged to the A-1b class, ordered immediately upon delivery of the first group of B&A 2-8-4s and received from Lima Locomotive Works in 1926-27. While with dieselization most of the Berkshires were transferred to other NYC lines (and two were sold to the Tennessee, Alabama & Georgia), there is no record that No. 1435 left the B&A before being sent to the torch in 1949. The wires hanging down over the track were known as a "tell-tale," a device to warn a brakeman standing on a freight car that he was approaching an overhead obstruction; with the introduction of the train air brake system they became redundant, but many remained in place until well into the diesel era.