B&A Berkshire No. 1410 is shown here at West Springfield, Massachusetts, on September 15, 1946 in an image, photographer unspecified, that came to our NYC Collection from Carl Weber. These members of class A-1a weighed 389,000 pounds and developed 69,400 pounds of tractive effort, with a booster bringing the total to 81,400 pounds. Other specifications appear in the commentaries for Nos. 1408 and 1441. With the progress of B&A dieselization this locomotive was transferred to the New York Central's other eastern lines in 1948. However, it saw only a brief service life there, being retired and scrapped the following year. Ironically the original Lima demonstrator, No. 1, became the Illinois Central's No. 7050 (renumbered to 8049 in 1941) and outlasted all the B&A Berkshires, being scrapped in 1954.