In this February 1958 photo by my brother from the Locust Street bridge, EMD F3A unit 801B leads a three-unit consist with a freight train past the terminal area. The third unit is No. 810A, but the B unit's number is not recorded. In the background we notice a few ALCo road switchers and an EMD F unit, plus another view of the yard office with its collection of 1950s vehicles including a 1949 or 1950 "bathtub" Nash. No. 801B was dropped from the roster in 1977; rebuilt into an FP10 by Morrison-Knudsen, it saw service with the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority as No. 1105, and was sold to the Maine Department of Transportation in 1993. No. 810A became Illinois Central Gulf No. 1610 and was retired in 1978. M-K rebuilt it as MBTA's FP10 No. 1113, but in the early 1990s it was sold to Metro North Commuter Railroad as its No. 411.