This shot of two EMD road freight units in the servicing area in December 1954 features a good view of the diesel house. Nos. 805A and 805B were both F3A cab units. Confusingly, the GM&O used both "A" or "B" suffixes on its road A units, while the uncabbed B units had numbers beginning with a "B" prefix. Electro-Motive delivered No. 805A to the Alton Route in 1946 as its No. 810, but with the GM&O merger of 1947 it was renumbered to 805A. It was assigned No. 1604 in the 1972 merger that formed the Illinois Central Gulf, but the number was never applied. In 1977 it was rebuilt by the ICG's Paducah Shops and sold to the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority as its No. 1100. After Morrison-Knudsen rebuilt it into an FP10A in 1992, the unit was leased to the Cape Cod Railroad until 1998. In 1999 the MBTA sold it to the Indian Head Central Railroad, and in 2004 the Historic St. Marys Railway acquired it. GM&O traded unit 805B to EMD in 1969 on an order for GP38s.