A venerable cart doubles as a recliner as railroad personnel enjoy several moments of conversation prior to the motor train's departure on June 10, 1959. the late William K. Dunbar of Normal, Illinois, with help from other GM&O retirees, identified the conductor as W. D. "Stormy" Fenton, talking with car inspector Harry Wohl in the bib overalls. The man in the baseball cap, looking on, is Jim Roberts, an electrician from the diesel house (sadly, he later lost his life there in an accident). The gentleman at left, seemingly not interested in the proceedings, is engineer T. T. "Ted" Thomas. The identity of the man with the straw hat, perhaps an official or a regular passenger, is unknown. The mail and express car in the background appears to be a Missouri Pacific car. MoPac cars were seen frequently on GM&O passenger trains, running through between the Southwest and Chicago.