Here we see a builder's photo of Chicago & Alton 2-8-2 No. 864, which surfaced as I was rummaging through an antique shop in St. Charles, Illinois. It represents the L-3 (later Q-7) class built in 1918 by Baldwin. This class had 63-inch drivers and cylinder dimensions of 26x28 inches, and sustained 215 pounds of boiler pressure. They weighed 258,000 pounds and mustered 54,800 pounds of tractive effort. These engines had 70 square feet of grate area, 4215 square feet of evaporative heating surface and 910 square feet of superheating surface — the largest total dimensions of steam-producing capability of any Alton locomotives, although the Q-8 class developed a higher tractive effort due to larger cylinders. The Q-7 class was renumbered to 4380-4384, of which this engine was the last in the series.