To illustrate the transformation of the I-6 (P-16) class over the years, above we see Chicago & Alton No. 658 in her ALCo builder's photo from 1913. As built, this class incorporated some typical features of locomotives of the E. H. Harriman railroad empire, of which the C&A was part at the time, being similar in design to contemporary 4-6-2s of the Southern Pacific and Union Pacific. These Harriman features, including the large highly arched cab and the extended smokebox, were later modified and the high headlight was lowered. The C&A rebuilt No. 658, increasing her weight to 279,300 pounds and her boiler pressure to 220 pounds per square inch. She was reclassified to I-6A, and when the Baltimore & Ohio took over the C&A she was renumbered to 5299, class P-16A. I found this photo, and that of Chicago & Alton 2-8-2 No. 864, in an antique shop several years ago. A later view of this engine as Alton Route No. 5299 appears on the previous page.