The Chicago & Alton's Train No. 1, the Alton Limited, was known as the "Red Train" beginning in 1924, when its distinctive Tuscan red and maroon livery was introduced. The color scheme endured into the Amtrak era. This view from the collection of Paul F. Thompson, one-time GM&O conductor, is said to show the "Red Train," though in a black-and-white photo it is hard to tell whether it comes from the post-1924 era. The engine's number is not clear, but from the bell position (ahead of the sand dome) and high drivers it appears to be one of the I-5 class engines (later P-14), featuring the arch-windowed Harriman cab and the older type of electric headlight. (Rearrangement of piping, air reservoirs and other appliances during locomotive shopping can make it difficult to identify the later state of a "mystery" locomotive.) The photographer, location and date are unknown for this photo loaned by Paul Thompson's son Gary of Normal, Illinois.