In this view by Walter A. Peters of Springfield, Illinois we see P-16B Pacific No. 5290 at the depot in Springfield. The locomotive was a member of a group of ten 4-6-2s erected in 1913 by ALCo's Brooks Works as the Chicago & Alton's class I-6, numbered 650-659 (No. 5290 was originally No. 650). They had 77-inch drivers and 25x28-inch cylinders, and carried 200 pounds per square inch of boiler pressure which was later raised to 220 pounds. They developed 42,500 pounds of tractive force and weighed 127 tons. During World War II most engines of this group were modernized (see the comments for Nos. 5293 and 5296) but this photo, which Gary Thompson of Normal, Illinois, contributed to our Gallery, shows their pre-modernization appearance.