This "action shot" of Mikado No. 4364 of class Q-6, with Floyd Millinger at the throttle, was provided by his son Richard Millinger. The twenty engines of this class came off the Baldwin erecting floor in 1913 as the Chicago & Alton's L-2 class. They weighed 256,000 pounds and developed 51,000 pounds of tractive effort. They had 26x28-inch cylinders, 63-inch drivers and a boiler pressure of 200 pounds. With 4220 square feet of evaporative heating surface, they had 65 square feet of superheating surface and a grate area of 70 square feet. This photo was likely taken in Bloomington in the early 1940s. At that time at least some members of this class were being retrofitted with Worthington feedwater heaters, but in this view No. 4364 has not been rebuilt.