Grand Trunk Western 6040, Detroit, Michigan, September 2, 1958.
Class U-1-c 4-8-2, erected 1925 by Baldwin Locomotive Works.

Driver Diameter:
Cylinder Dimensions:
Boiler Pressure:
Locomotive Weight:
Tractive Effort:
Grate Area:
Evaporative Heating Surface:
Superheating Surface:

73 inches
26x30 inches
210 p.s.i.
354,300 pounds
49,590 pounds
67 square feet
4050 square feet
1085 square feet

Note that the Walschaerts valve gear eccentric crank is angled toward the rear on the main driver, rather than toward the front. As a result, the radius rod (connecting to the combination lever and valve stem) is in the upper position on the link for forward motion. This, sometimes called the "reversed" or "indirect" type, is not the usual arrangement. Note also that the main and third drivers have been changed from spoked to disc.

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