No. 757 was one of the nine 2-10-2s the C&IM purchased in 1951 from the Atlantic Coast Line. On the C&IM they were classed H-2. No. 757 had been ACL's No. 2005, in class Q-1. This photo was taken by the late Bruce Meyer, well-known Illinois rail photographer, at the Peoria & Pekin Union roundhouse in Peoria. Bruce gave it to me shortly after it was taken in the summer of 1954. This locomotive appears briefly in the Mark I video The Midland and Two Centrals, in the winter of 1955. (To view another member of this class in its ACL appearance, visit George Elwood's Fallen Flags site.)

These locomotives had 63-inch drivers, a boiler pressure of 210 pounds per square inch, and cylinder dimensions of 30x32 inches. With these specifications they would have exerted 81,600 pounds of tractive effort, suitable for C&IM's heavy coal haulage. They had a locomotive weight of 178 tons, a grate area of 88 square feet, and an evaporative heating surface of 4973 square feet.