D&H 4-6-2 653

A Delaware & Hudson poppet-valve locomotive more successful than the L. F. Loree was the class P-1 Pacific. Two of these 4-6-2s were so equipped. Originally built in 1929 by the Colonie Shops, they weighed 300,000 pounds and exerted 41,027 pounds of tractive effort. They had 73-inch drivers, a boiler pressure of 260 pounds, and 22x28-inch cylinders. No. 653's boiler pressure was raised to 325 pounds per square inch when refitted with the Caprotti poppet valve gear, and she boasted 3200 square feet of evaporative heating surface and 1500 square feet of superheater surface. In rebuilt form she was displayed at the Century of Progress in 1934, as pictured here from a postcard I found in an antique shop. In addition to her wide anthracite-burning firebox with its 87-square-foot grate area, she projects the clean lines and uncluttered appearance favored by Mr. Loree, who admired the British "look" in steam engines.