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For condition codes, see below. Images not to scale.
Item Date Condition Price Notes
Chicago Raiload Fair 1949 Guide Book Chicago Railroad Fair Official Guide Book, 1949 1949 Exc 24.00 20-page guide book to the 1949 Railroad Fair (second year). Contains listing and small illustrations of historical items exhibited, the program for the "Wheels a-Rolling" pageant, and a map of the fair held on the Chicago lake front. See our web page about the Railroad Fair
The Lore of the Train The Lore of the Train by C. Hamilton Ellis 1987 Exc 15.00 240-page, large-sized volume with history and information about trains around the world, from early railways into the diesel era. Many drawings of locomotives and other illustrations. Has dust jacket. Published by Crescent Books.
Railway Age's Comprehensive Railroad Dictionary Railway Age's Comprehensive Railroad Dictionary 1984 Good 11.00 160-page hardcover disctionary of terms common in the rail industry. Published by Simmons-Boardman. Has dust jacket (some transparent tape). Owner's stamp on title page.
Steam Locomotives Steam Locomotives by F. George Kay 1974 Exc 8.00 148-page historical survey of world steam locomotive development, concentrating on Great Britain and the United States, with many photos in color. Has dust jacket. Published by Galahad Books.
CB&Q Hudson, Quincy, Illinois Post Card CB&Q Hudson, Quincy, Illinois Post Card 1966 Good 4.00 Shows CB&Q Hudson 3007 on display, with barge tug passing by in Mississippi River.
'Famous Horseshoe Curve' Post Card "Famous Horseshoe Curve" Post Card 1950s Exc 5.00 Griff Teller painting shows two diesel-powered PRR trains rounding curve.
GN Wallet Calendar, 1953 Great Northern Railway Wallet Calendar, 1953 1953 Exc 5.00 Wallet calendar card with photo of GN 5400-HP diesel.
Illinois Railway Museum Brochure Illinois Railway Museum Brochure 1972 Exc 5.00 Fold-out brochure reflects earlier stage of museum. 2 copies available.
The Road to Paradise The Road to Paradise by William M. Moedinger 1983 Exc 6.00 42-page History of the Strasburg Railroad, with photographs.
Inside Track, Spring 1991 Inside Track [Conrail Magazine] Spring 1991 Exc 5.00 Includes article on Griff Teller paintings for Pennsylvania Railroad.
Condition Codes
Exc = Virtually as printed — no markings, stamps, wear or damage. May show some paper ageing as appropriate, or slight creasing.
Good = A few markings and/or owner stamp and/or some creasing, but no damage and no appreciable wear or ageing.
Fair = Multiple markings and/or owner stamp and/or some creasing, wear or ageing.
Also see Notes for comments on condition.