The Delaware, Lackawanna & Western styled its 4-8-4s the "Pocono" type instead of the usual "Northern" label. Unlike the Lackawanna's first group of passenger 4-8-4s, the Q-1 class, the second group in class Q-2 came from American Locomotive Company in 1929 with 70-inch drivers suitable for freight service. They sustained a boiler pressure of 230 p.s.i. and had 28x32-inch cylinders. With a grate area of 88 square feet, they featured 5136 square feet of evaporative heating surface and 1234 square feet of superheating surface. They tipped the scales at 418,000 pounds and mustered 70,067 pounds of tractive effort. No. 1614 appears here at Binghamton, New York, apparently making a backup move. The date and photographer are not specified. This image was saved from a discontinued Internet site and is also found in the ABPR Archive from Bud Laws, but no additional information is forthcoming.